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Kick The Stigma of Mental Health and Break the Silence of Mental illness
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Faith & Family Advocate
About Faith & Family Advocate
Faith & Family Advocate, LLC is a counseling agency which provides Psycho-Educational Counseling services to individuals and families.

We utilize a number of approaches to services delivery to include but are not limited to:
Cognitive behaviors, Dialectical Behaviors and Rational Emotive Behaviors
Faith & Family Advocate, LLC seeks:
  • To provide psycho-educational counseling to youth to enable them to remain in their home or return to their home over a six-month period of time.
  • To protect the human rights of all Faith & Family clients.
  • To utilize a holistic approach of service delivery, thereby engaging the youth and the parent or significant family member and the educators working with the youth.
  • To provide a comfortable, nurturing and positive work environment for its employees, contractors and interns.
  • To be an active and integral part of the human services community.
  • To encourage and promote healthy living for clients and their families and the F&FA staff.
Our Services
  • Intensive In-Home Counseling
  • Mental Health Support (skill Building)
  • DBT Group Counseling
  • Anger Management and Parenting Classes
  • Outpatient Counseling
  • Therapeutic Day Treatment (TDT)
  • Substance Abuse Counseling

Open Group Counseling Schedule

Youth Group Mondays at 4PM
Adults Group Mondays at 1PM

Employment Opportunity
1. We are seeking Mental Health Professionals with a BS or BA in a Human Services Field.
2. We also offer internships for Masters Level students and License Professional Counselor (LPC) candidates.

To contact Faith and Family Advocate, LLC
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